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You submit your favourite restaurants and vote on their best dish.
We display the community winners for you to order from.
Every day new cuisine and new dishes.
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Banh Mi Sandwich

Wonton Garden


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12 pm - 1 pm

Chicken StirFry

Wooden Shack


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6 pm - 8 pm

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How it Works order take out dinner

1. Every day “Liox Chef’s Pick” serves 1 signature dish for dinner and 1 signature dish for lunch. Ordering in bulk allows us to bring you award winning dishes at the lowest cost.

2. Community picks local restaurants through votes for the most favourite restaurant and teir signature dish, we bring that dish to you.

3. You pre-order your lunch or dinner. We deliver it during 1-2 hour window.

4. Restaurants get 100% of order total, our drivers get 100% delivery fee. We keep nothing!

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How Do We Compare? burger take out

Let’s see how we make a difference
For restaurants and your pocket!

Chef's PickGrubHubUber Eats
Commission / Service Fee 0% 15-30%* 15-30%*
Delivery Fee 15% 10-30%* 15-30%*
Small Order Fee - $2 $2 - $3
Pre - Ordering Savings up to 20%


- -
Total Difference 5%


25 - 70%


30 - 70%


*Commission and Fees may differ based on the zipcode, order total, promotions and other temporary offers. This chart was made to show an approximate view on fees and commissions. Liox Cleaners is not responsible for inconsistencies through apps fees and pricing on any given moment and does not associate itself with the above listed companies. According to New York Times Source, delivery apps are up to 91% more expensive than ordering directly.

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