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Introducing Liox Family

27 June 2019

Welcome Liox family. Victoria (aka "Mom"), Serg (aka "the Son"), Alex (aka "Dad").

The story of our startup/business is pretty long and full of ups and downs (mostly downs), Serg and Alex had done years of doing deliveries, some of you might have thought we are just working for this company called Liox, and we didn't mind. We've had a big share of fun, great stories and tearful moments. We've rescued plenty of your last minute emegencies, wedding dress/tux cleaning for that very special day, interviews or uniform Oops moments. We've shared some of your special/dirty blankets baby moments or just occasionally made your sunday, "free" away from laundry worries.

For years it was me "the Son" behind the wheel, manning customer service phone line and washing your clothes personally, between 2011 and 2013. Today, i am mostly in charge of technology side, website, apps and payments system, as well as writing these extremely detailed and sometimes boring blog posts.

My mom and dad stepped in and took the charge of critical tasks. Today Mom is overseeing washing and dry cleaning parts, to make sure everything is done according to instructions and no stain goes unattended. Swimming coach by major, she organized our workers like a athletic team with atmost attention to details and customer satisfaction.

Dad stepped in and took charge of deliveries. We grew from 1 car to 7 Vans in less than 2 years and counting. Today he oversees logistics, making sure each bag, hanger, garment gets to the right customers and drivers deliver everything on time. Opposite to our competition, we employ all of our drivers, oposite to Uber model where drivers work when they want. Doing so increased our quality and efficiency, close to 95% of orders are delivered on time and you always see the same driver responsible for your area.

Today we would like to introduce ourselves and make little animated versions of our family to guide you through Liox ordering process and enhace customer experience.

As one of few companies in New York we can trully say: "You can trust us with your labels."

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