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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Driver

- Are you a go-getter who'll stop at nothing to get the job done?
- Do you take pride in the work you do and have strong sense of responsibility?
- Are you a sharp, quick thinker, who's even quicker on your feet?
- Are you cool under pressure?
- Do you maintain and take care of the car you drive?

Liox Driver is. Bringing an unmatched service to our customers, feeling of belonging to a larger community, feeling of local.
Always friendly and welcome he brings smile and expertise.

- You will need to learn how to be quick and how to be in two places at once.
- Knowledge of New York streets and roads, traffic and roadblocks is a great plus.
- Driving experience of minimum 2 years
- A valid NY State driver's license
- Smartphone
- Good english
- Live within 20 mins of commute
- Have flexible hours and outstanding attendance habbit

We Provide.
- A family like atmosphere.
- Stable full time employment
- Positibilities for growth
- A beautiful Liox Van and training

Wash/Fold Specialist

- Are you a peoples person?
- Do you not crack under the pressure?
- Are you calm with people even if they are upset and raising their voice at you?
- Do you know how to multitask and be on top of things?
- Will you come at 15 mins early to prepare for the day and leave 15 later to be ready for tomorrow?

Liox Washing Specialist is. Paying a close attention to small details and instructions.
Delivers exceptional quality of wash and fold, knows fabrics washing specifics and drying temperatures.

- You will need to be quick with your hands.
- Know how to fold fast commercial/professional way.
- Know settings for colored or whites clothing
- Skilled to get basic stains out.
- Good english
- Live within 40 mins of commute
- Have an outstanding attendance habbits