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How Liox is helping New Yorkers to stay SAFE during COVID-19

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  • Highest Quality Laundry ServiceNew York's Highest Rated Laundry Service
  • Laundry done in houseAll laundry and dry cleaning done in house
  • Eco friendly laundry serviceEco laundry and green dry cleaning

Saving lives with Liox during COVID-19

Liox is helping people to avoid crowded places like laundromats, limit potential exposure and stop spreading of the virus.

By ordering laundry and other necessary services online, you limit potential exposure and risk to yourself and to others.

Liox Concierge Drivers and Cleaning/Washing Specialists are following strict guidelines on how to protect themselves, your laundry and make every delivery as safe for you as possible by wearing mask, gloves and doing contactless delivery.

If you can't afford our services during the time of COVID-19 outbreak, check the box "IM AFFECTED" and we will do your laundry at a cost of a regular self service coin laundromat about 60 cents per lb.

Please share this with others in need so we can get through this safe and stop the spread of the virus. Please ONLY use the "IM AFFECTED" discount if you can NOT afford regular prices and DO NOT have Washer and Dryer in the building.

Why Choose Liox?

Meet Liox Family, #1 Laundry startup/business, made in New York since 2011.

Most New York wash and fold services outsource their wash and dry cleaning. We are different! We actually do your laundry in-house.

We are cheaper than most organic dry cleaning and laundry pickup services. We made a comparison HERE.

Emails are cool, but at Liox you can actually call or even walk into any of Liox laundry service near you. You can drop off or pickup your laundry or dry cleaning yourself or order our pickup and delivery service online or in-app.

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  • Liox laundry team
  • liox laundry team
  • Highest rated laundry serviceNew York's Highest Rated Service
  • laundry done in houseLaundry and dry cleaning done in house
  • eco friendly laundry serviceEco laundry and green dry cleaning

Liox laundry steps...

schedule laundry service

Step 1

Schedule your order online.

laundry pickup

Step 2

Your personal Liox driver will pick your laundry up.

professional laundry treatment

Fun Time

We give your laundry a professional treatment.

laundry pickup and delivery

Step 3

Same driver, always(why it's called personal) delivers it back.

dry cleaners near me
“Wonderful service! Fresh laundry - smells great! They do it just like mom used to. Got all my gross stains out with grace and decency. Fairly priced with discounts every now and then. I will be coming back here for years to come.”
Aaron W, New York City

Liox Laundry Guide

laundry pickup

Liox Concierge

  • Features:
  • 1. Mask
  • 2. Gloves
  • 3. Hat
  • 4. Arrives on time
  • 5. Charming
Laundry inside laundry bag

Laundry Packaging

  • Features:
  • 1. Liox Laundry Bag
  • 2. Plastic Layer
  • 3. Shoulder Strap
  • 4. Secure string
  • 5. Shields from weather and germs
Wash and Fold, Folded clothes

Folded Clothes

  • Features:
  • 1. Perfect folding
  • 2. Sorted by type
  • 3. Underwear at the Top
  • 4. Socks at the Bottom
  • 5. Makes your mom jealous.
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