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Liox is designed as on demand laundry service so you could say goodbye to laundromat experience of spending hours waiting for your laundry to be done. We offer Wash and Fold service with insane attention to detail, temperature settings, color separation, deterget, softener and bleach exact ratios. Drying, folding and packing technics. There is no other place that goes above and beyond like Liox.

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How are we special?

  • Same Day or OverNight Service
  • Delicate Drying Temperatures
  • Special Liox Folding Techniques
  • Eco Friendly & Skin Sensitive Detergent/Softener
  • Hang Dry Available
  • Bleach whites on demand
  • We separate colors
  • Color safe cold water wash
  • Consistent, high quality service (employees, no contractors)
  • Walk-in building pickups
  • Schedule wash & fold pickup within an hour
  • Same dedicated drivers for ease of communication
  • Timely and professional issue resolution
  • Responsive and prompt customer service
  • Laundry, GPS tracker and delivery notifications
  • Highly trained concierge with Liox Uniforms.

Laundry Pricing

Laundry Pricing

Regular Laundry $2.59/lb
Bleach $3.00
Laundry Bag $6.00
Hang Dry Per Item $3.50
Delivery FREE
Same Day Laundry $8.00
Overnight Service (21 hrs and less) $8.00
Minimum Order $39.00
~ 18 lbs
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What your New York neighbors say

“Great customer service, they are very responsive and willing to help if you contact them with any concerns.
Tried wash and fold pickup/delivery service for the first time and my clothes came back carefully folded, packaged neatly in plastic wrap! Way more reliable than most similar services.”
Jessica Z, New York, NY