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How Liox helped New Yorkers to stay SAFE during COVID-19

23 June 2020

Liox is helping people to avoid crowded places like laundromats, limit potential exposure and stop spreading of the virus. And help unemployed New Yorkers to save money.

By ordering laundry and other necessary services online, you limit potential exposure and risk to yourself and to others.

That was the Liox message to New Yorker's and medical workers who was struggling to do their laundry during the pandemic. It continues below...

Liox Concierge Drivers and Cleaning/Washing Specialists are following strict guidelines on how to protect themselves, your laundry and make every delivery as safe for you as possible by wearing mask, gloves and doing contactless delivery.

If you can't afford our services during the time of COVID-19 outbreak, check the box "IM AFFECTED" and we will do your laundry at a cost of a regular self service coin laundromat about 60 cents per lb.

Please share this with others in need so we can get through this safe and stop the spread of the virus.

In June we launched a home cleaning service to help New Yorkers with keeping their homes cleaning and disinfected.

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