Whether you plan to travel to New York or simply live in this busy city, you must educate yourself about the current COVID situation.

Liox welcomes you to New York.

How is living in New York?

People who live in New York has a secret tip for those who want to enjoy their vacation in this busy city— invest in a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking in New York. Unless you are lucky enough to have everything nearby; the subway for commute, a convenience store at the block’s corner, a laundromat in front of your complex; not all have the luck.

The need for walking distances and being surrounded by a crowd in the busy streets of New York sparks concern to netizens. Although vaccines are now accessible, it is still not right to be complacent when running for an errand in this pandemic.

Luckily, delivery services in New York are always available, even at the height of the pandemic surge. So, if you are not comfortable going out or lazy enough to run errands, you can always purchase groceries online and have them delivered to your address. New York also has laundry delivery services besides grocery and food delivery.

You see, New York has slowly regained its nickname— the city that never sleeps.

Tourists are also now welcome in New York!

Are you planning to travel to New York?

Iconic landmarks, towering skyscrapers, and vibrant culture permeate through each of the distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs in New York— these are what you should not miss when visiting New York.

New York has lifted the travel restrictions last June 2021, but with the new variant, there are new policies. All inbound International travellers, 2 years old and older, must have a test within one day of departure for the United States.

Only fully vaccinated travellers can enter the United States, including New York City. Meanwhile, unvaccinated International travellers cannot visit the United States, although there are minimal exceptions.

As the most populous city in the United States and in the middle of a pandemic, certain restrictions and protocols are to follow. Before you can set at the forefront of fashion, arts, and food in New York, there are things you have to expect.

What to expect during your travel to New York?

It is expected for the United States to have a general tightening on their travel rules because of the Omicron variant. Thus, it is best to go through the Key to NYC vaccination requirement before travelling. If you are bringing a child aged 5 to 11, they should be fully vaccinated.

Even when fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask in all indoor public places in New York unless the business or venue implemented a vaccine requirement.

If you have planned to visit some tourist locations in New York, it is best to check whether they require rapid COVID testing. Moreover, be aware of the subway shutdowns because of a staffing shortage. Check the New York subway service status beforehand.

Do not miss the beautiful spots in New York!