Do you let laundry come between you and your precious vacation relaxation time? Many people avoid it at all costs. Yet for most travellers, it's an inevitable part of the journey.

Younger, more carefree explorers have no problem staying laundry-free during a vacation. They can easily pack enough sets of clothes to last them two weeks.

However, a long enough trip means that they too will have to use the hotel sink to take some dirt off.

If you're packing light, going for a long vacation, or have a family (you can only carry so many pairs of underwear!), you should expect to do some travel laundry at some point.

Depending on your preferences, you have several options for doing laundry while traveling. If you'd prefer a quick, professional service that takes no time (literally zero hours) off your vacation, check out our AirBnB Laundry package.

Vacation laundry at the laundromat

Wherever you travel, you can almost always count on there being a laundromat. All you have to do is pay a small fee and you can fit in a load, at any time of the day. Some laundromats even operate around the clock.

This makes cleaning on vacation a breeze.

Well... except the long hours you have to spend waiting around. It usually takes about 40 minutes to wash one load of laundry. This may vary further depending on the size of the load and type of wash. Drying your laundry takes an additional 45 minutes, depending on the fabric.

That's one hour and 15 minutes dedicated to vacation laundry, at minimum. And all of this is still not counting the time it takes to get there and back. In practice, a trip to the laundromat can eat up an entire afternoon or evening of your limited vacation time.

Use a vacation laundry service

Luckily, convenient laundry services are readily available all across the world. Whether you're in Indonesia, Tanzania, Peru, or the Big Apple, you can always find a cost-effective laundry washing service.

Depending on where you are in the world, they will either hand wash your laundry or use machines.

Usually, your clothes are hung to dry so a turnaround time of at least 24 hours is expected. Quicker service may be available for an additional price.

If you're using a laundry service in a foreign country, be sure to carefully inquire about the cost and carefully note the items in your load to ensure that everything you sent off comes back to you.

Also, be sure to leave any special instructions such as detergents to avoid and fabrics that need to be hand washed or dry cleaned.

Final thoughts: Travel laundry? Consider an AirBnB laundry service

You'll notice that neither of the above options is entirely perfect — you either lose out on vacation time or access to your clothes for a 24 hour period. Hand washing is also a popular option among budget travellers who use contrivances such as the Scrubba Wash Bag to clean their clothes.

But to enjoy your holiday fully, ideally, you'd eliminate any task that sucks time and energy out of your vacation.

Now, we can make that dream a reality for our customers in New York. AirBnB Laundry is one of our special services that caters to travellers who want to fully enjoy their holiday experience.

As the name suggests, the service is designed for AirBnB hosts and their guests. That said, even if you’re at a hotel or are staying at a friend’s place who doesn’t have laundry machines — we’ve got your back! Enjoy luxurious treatment for your fabrics and an even better vacation experience for you and your loved ones.

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