When COVID-19 broke out, no corner around the globe stayed the same. Even the World’s Business Capital did not escape the circumstance. The circumstances of the pandemic outbreak forced the corporate world to cut off employees, change marketing strategy, shift to remote work setup, or worse, file for bankruptcy.

New York has been known to be the city that never sleeps, but for the first time, New York slept. As New York has been the most populated city in the United States, mobilizing has been tough, especially during the early stage of the pandemic. People were discouraged from going out of their homes, even going for groceries or going to the neighborhood laundromat has been a hassle.

That’s why groceries and laundry services offer pickups and deliveries for their customers. Although groceries and laundry services do not easily go out of business, they are still affected as other commercial businesses were forced to close or minimize their operations due to the possibility of a lack of profit.

But, here in Liox, we are determined to extend our services.

Luckily today, we have vaccines that add more protection from the virus. So, how did we survive the struggle through the pandemic?

Providing Disinfectant Wipes, Mask, and Gloves

Experts predicted that 33% of the small businesses located in New York City wouldn’t survive the pandemic. Many entrepreneurs were shattered and panicked. But for some laundromats, it is a matter of survival, so adjustments are made. A laundry business must be firm and rigid with all the implementations from the outbreak to the vaccination.

One massive COVID-19 implementation is disinfectant wipes, masks, and gloves for workers and customers. Provision of such items is essential to maintain trust and proper use.

Maximum Capacity Function

Like other tips, it is a safety factor for the employees and customers. The standard reductions range from 50-60% of the typical maximum number of persons allowed.

Cutting Working Shifts to the Employees. This might cause remorse to work exploitation, but yeah, what choice do commercial laundry shop owners have? Cutting working shifts will significantly reduce expenses, which helps survive the pandemic.

In cutting working shifts, it must be a reasonable number of hours. Most commercial laundry shops missed their working shifts by two hours. If the work hour cut is 4 hours, it might not take lightly by the hardworking employees.

Scheduled Operating Hours

Scheduling operating hours has also a subject for work exploitation if it is not done correctly. But believe it or not, it has many benefits. Scheduling operating hours will lessen your employees' direct contact with different customers. It is scary because countless people often avail commercial laundry shops simultaneously. Also, it reduces the expenses because the number of working days and hours is diminished.

In scheduling operating hours, it is advisable to conduct extensive research on most customers. Also, a more straightforward way is to open a commercial laundry shop every other day. Commercial laundry entrepreneurs must always be honest and clearly explain the current situation because laborers will always interpret it as a financial inconvenience or, worse, work exploitation.

Taking Care of the Sick Employees

It is a no-brainer that sick employees will have experienced COVID-related symptoms. New Yorker commercial laundry business owners take care of their hardworking employees.

Technically, laundry laborers are frontliners due to the nature of their job. They are exposed to countless customers, and their safety will always be in jeopardy despite the precautions. That is why it is hard to kill the anxiety of laundry employees, and it is in the best interest of commercial laundry shop owners to protect their employees at all times. US healthcare system is admirably reliable, but it does not hurt to provide other things for a sick employee as a safety factor.

Social Distancing

Of course! It is the new normal in a nutshell. In other countries, social distancing is like a joke to them. But in New York, social distancing is taken seriously. Social distancing is crucial because it keeps healthy people from physical contact with a virus carrier. COVID is invisible, and social distancing minimises its chance to spread exponentially.

Reducing the Availability of Laundry Services

Reducing the availability of some laundry services for a limited time lessens the employees’ to numerous customers and vice versa. A great strategy, right?

But there’s this one laundry service that thrives throughout the pandemic. It is the laundry pickup and delivery. The laundry service is pretty accessible and convenient to most customers. Why? Because this type of laundry service fits well in the pandemic. Imagine picking up your laundry at your home and delivering it afterwards right to your doorstep— that’s more than we could ask for during this pandemic.