Liox is planet friendly and pocket friendly too. We have a few ways you can save a few bucks and help us save planet too. To maximize your savings while using Liox services we prepared a few simple steps to follow.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Reuse clear plastic bags.
Every load of laundry and every dry cleaned item comes packed/wrapped in a plastic bag. You can reuse them as a recycling bag to collect paper and plastic/glass items. Or simply use it as garbage bags. Make sure to tape that garment hole on the bottom, you don't want trash to start falling out of it.

Step 2: Reuse/return metal hangers.
Every piece of dry cleaned garment and laundered shirts come back on the metal hanger. They are extremely efficient to store your garment in those tight new york closets, they take much less space compared to wooden hangers. When you have too much of those, we always accept them back to clean and reuse or recycle them if damaged.

Step 3: Make combined order for dry cleaning and wash & fold.
When you need order laundry and dry cleaning, always try to make the same pickup and drop off times for both to minimize number of trips we make, as a result, less gas used and its more efficient. Since dry cleaning takes longer to complete, make dry cleaning order first then submit a laundry order for same exact days and hours.

Step 4: Take advantage of the full load size
Since Liox loads come with the flat cost, try making orders only when your bag is full. You are covered upto 20 lbs each load, so make it count. You will save water, gas and also a few bucks, after a while that can be a pretty noticible difference. If you order laundry once a week filling up only 15 lbs, do it once 10 days with 20 lbs bag instead. 52 weeks multiply by $25 will cost you ~$1300 yearly. Doing it once in 10 days will cost you $912 a year, it is almost $400 yearly, thats your 4 days in Cancun.

Step 5: Use 2 loads instead of 1 if possible
Remember that $5 discount for additional loads we give? Filling up each load to 20 lbs is good, but filling up 2 or 3 loads is even better. When ordering 2 full loads, 40 lbs / $45 is equal to $1.125 per lb or 1.08 with 2 or 3 loads respectively. Translated to yearly savings, that is $90 with 2 loads and $130 with 3 loads of additional saving per year. Of course if you can afford waiting for 2 or 3 full loads to be filled. But it shouldn't be hard for families or couples to do so regularly.

Step 6: Reffer friends and get discounts
For every reffered friend you both get $5 discount. Just tell them to type your email in their registration form, once that is confirmed right in that form and your friend make their first discounted order, you get one too. Cool, isn't it?