Household chores are the least favorite responsibility of most adults. It is hard for them to allot time for work, house obligations, and life. That’s why they only deal with household chores during their free time or hire a maid service to clean and drop off their dirty clothes at a nearby laundry service.

But, what if you are saving for something? Hiring a maid service or having your clothes cleaned at a laundry shop might be costly for you at this moment. Well, there are ways to save up in doing laundry and house chores, and it starts with incorporating changes to your daily routine.

5 Frugal Tips to Make Household and Laundry Chores Efficient

These changes to your daily chore routine help reduce your energy costs and expenses. Here are a few yet smart ways to save and make your household chores more efficient:

Use Energy-Saver Washer and Dryer

Energy-saver washer and dryer is the best appliance upgrade you can have these days. It helps you save water and energy consumption.

Although we have recommended an energy-saving dryer, line dry your laundry instead. Line drying helps you save energy while having the antibacterial effects of sunlight. But, if the weather does not permit, use your dryer. Ensure that your dryer is well-maintained to have your machine work efficiently.

A well-maintained washer and dryer improve its energy efficiency.

Only Use Green Cleaning Solutions

The green cleaning solution is efficient to help save money and energy consumption. Commercial solutions are expensive and cause harm to the environment. Green cleaning solutions help protect the nearby waters and environment from pollutants.

Instead of going to the local market for commercial cleaning solutions, it is best to buy these natural alternatives as they have a dual purpose. Lemon or baking soda is the best natural cleaning solution, and it helps boost your laundry process or remove stains effectively.

Do Chores Regularly

Household chores seem neverending; there is always something you have to do. If you feel like you are buried under several household chores, try this routine, it makes it easier.

Do chores regularly to help you maintain cleanliness and organization effectively. Let’s say you can do laundry on Fridays, general house cleaning on Mondays, and 15-minute cleaning every day. Designating a major task one day a week makes everything easier. Keep trying different routines until you find the best task and time that suits your preference, lifestyle, and schedule.

You will be amazed by how you have saved time while doing the chores efficiently. It allows you more time to do enjoyable things with friends and family during the weekends!

Lessen the Use of Vacuums

We all know how convenient cleaning with vacuums is, but using them more regularly while not properly using them consumers more energy than usual. Instead of making this old habit, lessen vacuum use and switch to broom and mop when cleaning tiled floors.

If you decide to clean your house with a vacuum, take out and clean the filter first to ensure it is sucking the dirt and dust efficiently. A full and dusty filter makes it harder for the vacuum to work, needing more electricity.

Grocery Weekly and Cook in Batches

Do you grocery run daily, twice, or once weekly? If you often go to the grocery, you overspend on gas. Not to mention, it eats up your time and energy. There are two ways to save up, run errands once a week, save up on gas, and have everything done in one go; or if grocery is the only reason you have to go out, do online grocery instead.

Online grocery is popular these days, not only because of advancements in technology, but the convenience it provides to consumers adds it to the trend. You only have to take out your phone, do the grocery shopping at home, and wait for it to be delivered right to your doorstep. Convenient, isn’t it?

Cooking one meal takes more energy and increases the production of unnecessary waste. Instead, cook in batches to reduce the time and energy spent cooking. If you are cooking for a large family, it is best to cook big meals and let them enjoy the leftovers for the following meals. It helps cut down your work and reduces energy consumption.


Although these frugal tips are simple to do, they significantly help reduce your energy consumption and excess expenses. Most of these tips are eco-friendly; you save your wallet and the environment.