After testing and comparing detergents on the subject who's got BIGGER... cleaning power, it's time to compare our softeners. It's not as easy as it might sound at first. Generally softeners do 3 things: Soften, Make your clothes smell nice and control the static. Some softeners even promise to save the world, we won't point it out which brand does...("7th Generator"). So we have all 3 softeners: Downy, Downy Free and Sensitive, and Bounce. All products are produced under the "Procter & Gamble" brand you might say, there is no point of comparing red apple to a green one. We have tried using Seventh Generation in our service before, even though liquid 7G is doing a decent job it's not available in bottles bigger than 40 loads and might be very hard to find, 7G Dryer Sheets are easier to find but is not doing as much softening as his Liquid Sister.

First we take 3 completely similar shirts and wash them in warm water with Seventh Generation detergent, last time it did make shirt a bit rougher so that we have a starting point to what to expect from shirt being washed without softener. Softening: Downy and Downy Free & Sensitive are doing approximately the same job, except that Sensitive version leaves no scent and you only risk your clothes being "Too Soft" if you put too much, compare to "Ultra Downy" you risk having an extremely strong smell. Also if you want to have extremely soft clothes and have just a bit of scent you can mix both "Downys" (no Iron man) together. Be aware that by pouring too much you make your clothes more flammable and less water absorbing.

Bounce on the other side doesn't have those minuses. But it doesn't soften your clothes as much as other two.

- Downy Ultra leaves nice scent after the wash, be careful with concentration since it can make your clothes smell unbearable.
- Downy Free & Sensitive leaves no smell at all. It makes it perfect option for people with allergies and sensitive skin.
- Bounce Dryer Sheets leaves nice scent, but putting too much can make your clothes smell weird and might even cause you a rash.

Static Cling: Even though both products might claim to leave your life Static Cling Free its not completely true.
Liquid Softeners make almost no difference here. Bounce Dryer Sheets do better job by rubbing over the clothes, but to make a big difference, you need to put proper amount of Sheets in the dryer. If static electricity makes your life a nightmare, Bounce Free & Sensitive will be helpful by putting as many sheets as you want and not making you itch and have an extremely strong smell over your clothes.