Most first-time backpackers do not find New York a backpacking destination because of its expensive impression. We can never change the fact about how expensive the accommodation and activities are in New York, but we can help you change your travel habits to make you stay on the budget while discovering new things in the city.

The high streets of New York have several things to offer, and you can easily spend weeks taking in all the city has to offer if you know how to budget and travel a backpacking lifestyle.

Bring a Daypack and Travel Bag

You need to have two storage bags for the travel. The daypack is lighter and only has the things you need during your walks around New York. Meanwhile, your travel bags contain all your needs, including the clothes you brought.

We know you cannot bring everything in your wardrobe, and since you plan to explore New York longer, it is important to understand how to wash your clothes during your travels. Do not overpack your clothes. You can drop off your laundry at the nearest laundry shop. This way, you do not have to pay an additional baggage fee at the airport and still have clean clothes.

Find your way to us when you are in New York! Drop off your clothes or let us pick them up at your place, and we will take care of them while you enjoy exploring New York.

Sort Finances and Travel Budget

Taking care of your finances before you fly to New York is best. If you have debts, take care of them. Set up a few savings an account to safe-keep your travel funds. You can research credit cards that are friendly for foreign use; it could be free foreign transactions or let you earn a reward.

Setting out a travel budget is the next big thing you have to do. Budgeting is important when traveling, and it is much more beneficial when you stick to it when you are backpacking around New York.

You have to remember that this travel budget is different from a regular backpacking adventure. This time, you are staying in a foreign country for a longer time, and most of the things in New York are expensive. It is important to check and adjust your budget accordingly.

Prepare Documents

Insurance documents and bank account details are important documents that you have to prepare. Scan and upload their copies to your cloud. It becomes handy when you need someone at home to find your information from these documents in case of an emergency.

Ensure that your documents (passport, valid IDs) are updated and have a few years to spare. Several countries require passports with at least 6 months of validity left.

Book Accommodation and Transport

Booking a first few places to stay and knowing the transport system of the place is one of the keys to having a comfortable backpacking adventure. Since you are planning for long-term travel, you do not have to book all the way to the end. A few days will do, and you can start to organize your next accommodation in advance as you travel.

New York has a lot of hostels and Airbnb accommodations. Do not be easily overwhelmed with the descriptions set by the hosts; instead, read the reviews.

Plan a Travel Itinerary

Even when planning a long-term trip, you still do not have all the time to waste. Although you do not have to stick to this plan religiously, having one will make your backpacking adventure less boring. You have an idea of how to spend your time around.

Research New York before you go. Organize meeting friends and family along the way. When you list the places, you plan to go, look at the map and organize them to create a route that makes the most sense.

Vaccines and Medication

We are all in a new norm now. After COVID, you can only freely travel if you have the vaccine. Research the travelling requirements to New York. If you have medication maintenance, do not forget to visit your doctor before flying.

Traveling and backpacking is a wild adventure. Get these basic tips covered. Also, check whether backpacking is for you. Imagine walking around the city carrying a travel pack and a daypack; is it comfortable for you? Can you dare stay in a hotel or crash on a friend’s couch? Do you need to visit a laundry shop to have clean clothes to offer on your extended stay? You get the point. Determine the pain points of long-term backpacking in New York before you go. You will visit several picturesque travel destinations in New York. Do not forget to look up for travel quotes for your photo uploads.