The truth about today's laundry? Say no more!

Did you know that 90% of local cleaners and laundry apps outsource to other laundromats and dry cleaning plants? That's right. Don't think that your garment is done on the premises or even a company related to the shop you go to.

How do we know this? Because we do it for them!
Of course there are many facilities that do the same thing and the service is called "wholesale wash and fold" or "wholesale dry cleaning".

How much does it cost?
The going rate starts at 50 cents per lb.

How much do you pay?
Probably double or triple that.

Wholesale service used to be a 50/50 split of cost between the facilities and the shops. However, recently this ratio started to change. Wash and Fold and dry cleaning market slowly but steadily started to shift towards mobile and online.

Since the growth of the laundry market has come to a halt over the last 5 years, with each new app and online service opened the acquired customers would come directly from other competition, in this case retail shops making it harder for them to meet the constantly rising rents, taxes, and of course the 20% minimum wage labor yearly hike.

Retail shops have no other way to survive but to stick to the cheapest option for wholesale to stay at the same low 50 cent rate as before while raising their prices to 1.15 and higher. Wholesale facilities face an enormous pressure to keep their prices the same for 5-10 years, but the only way to do that is to cut costs pretty much at all cost and that’s where the picture gets really ugly.
(Note: it's about wholesale service, not Liox Pickup and Delivery service)

1. No color separation, definitely forget about that! Everything is washed in one washer.
2. Small bag? Put a few bags together in one washer, and thanks to mesh bags you can tell which one belongs to who.
3. Hot water? Never heard of! Everything is washed in cold water.
4. Forget about Tide and Downy. Too expensive, only wholesale industrial detergents and softeners in 100-gallon containers.
5. Want scent free detergent? Say no more - detergent free wash.
6. Are some towels and rugs still wet from the dryer? Put them in with another customer’s load for 10 more minutes.

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant kitchen will understand that knowing how things are made is not pleasant. They will probably never eat in that restaurant again, but you usually know what you pay for.
When it comes to laundry, you pay for a luxurious treatment, but get cheap shit.