Things last long if you do your best when taking care of them.

Denim garments are not easily dispensable; they are made purposely for harsh working conditions. If you notice, vintage denim jeans and jackets rarely lie around thrift stores.

Unfortunately, some people do not know how to properly care for their denim garments and cannot make them last longer. If you are looking for advice on caring for your jeans and denim tops, here are the best ways:

Less Laundering

Properly washing your denim garments means washing them less. Some denim, depending on their type of material and dye, easily shrinks or fades when washed excessively. Wash your denim garments every 5 wears at most. Washing often maintains its fit and prevents too much rebound. Moreover, less laundering also conserves water, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

This concern generally came from “raw denim,” denim jeans and jackets that have been washed after the dyeing process. Harsh machine wash disrupts the process. That’s why some manufacturers recommend customers wash their denim jeans as rarely as possible.

Spot Clean Stains

But what if there is a stain on your denim jeans or jacket? You do not have to wash them necessarily. You can remove the stain using a damp clean cloth and gently rub it on the spot. If you are doubtful about the stain, research the appropriate stain remover according to the type.

Use Cold Water

Washing your denim garments with cold water protects them from shrinking and fading. It keeps the fabric and color intact. The same when washing your regular clothes; turn them inside-out to avoid harsh chemicals from the soap and damaging the shade of your denim garments. Only use eco-friendly laundry detergents since it does not contain harsh chemicals.

Moreover, using cold water is not only the best for your denim wear. It reduces energy consumption. Thus, it also helps you save money and the environment.

Don’t Believe in Myths

There is a myth circulating that freezing your denim wear in cold temperature kills the bacteria on its surface. The truth is, the bacteria hibernates when the garment is frozen and reactivates when it is heated up. It is best to air dry them to freshen your denim jeans or jacket.

Some believe denim wear is best washed with coffee to maintain its color. However, the truth is that denim garments fade if they are washed and dried with a machine. Do not easily believe myths about taking care of denim garments.

Hand Wash Denim Garments

Although denim garments are made for tough working conditions, washing them in a washer is still harsh for their tough and sturdy fabric. The best method for washing your denim garments is to hand wash them. Prepare a tubful of water with mild detergent and soak the garments for 30 minutes. Swirl the garments to loosen the grime and sediments that have set in.

Air Dry Denim Garments

You have to avoid dryers as much as you are avoiding washers. Tumbling them in a dryer only causes tears on the fabric and makes the color look dull. Instead, hang them on a drying rack and let the air dry the garment.

If you cannot hang them outside, dry your denim garments with a steamer. It does not only dry and removes the wrinkles. Steam drying them also gets rid of the unpleasant smell that may linger from their dampness.

Visit Dry Cleaners

Full-service laundry providers or dry cleaners are experts in clothing care. Dry cleaning denim helps prolong its life through hydrocarbon solvent. It does not shorten the life or damage the fabric of your denim garments.

If you want to keep your jeans and denim jacket looking good and in their best condition, dry clean them over washing.

However, this is not recommended if your denim is coated or embellished. Dry cleaning may damage the fragile details and wear the waxy finishes off the garment. Instead, soak your denim garments in cold water for up to 10 minutes. There is no need to add any detergent. After soaking, lay it flat until the garment dries.

Repair Any Tears

Wearing your favorite pair of denim jeans or jacket may end up having tears. If this happens, bring them to a tailor to repair, alter, or customize your denim garment. Your garments need to receive necessary repairs and touch up before you wash them.

If you need more caring tips, follow us for more advice on how to care inside your wardrobe.