Dry Cleaning

Liox provides premium eco friendly Dry Cleaning service since 2011. Our staff experts are trained to handle the most challenging and high-end garments. Liox garment tracking and itemization ensures that you can trust your most valuable labels here. Our well trained Liox concierge will guide your dry cleaning orders through the entire journey.

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What's our Secret Sauce?

  • Quick Turnover
  • Eco Friendly, non-toxic dry cleaning solvents
  • Starch Shirts
  • Stain pre-treating and removal
  • Special fabrics cleaning process
  • Expert treatment of custom garments
  • Perfect Finish
  • Reinvigoration of colors
  • Consistent, high quality service (employees, no contractors)
  • Schedule dry cleaning pickup within an hour
  • Walk-in building pickups
  • Same dedicated drivers for ease of communication
  • Responsive and prompt customer service
  • Timely and professional issue resolution
  • Order, GPS tracker and delivery notifications
  • Highly trained concierge with Liox Uniforms.

Dry Cleaning Pricing

Dry Cleaning Pricing

Minimum Order $30
Dress $14.00
Evening Dress $17.00
Sweater $8.00
Blouse $8.00
Shirt $6.00
Pants / Jeans $7.00
Skirt $7.00
Shorts $6.00
Suit Jacket $8.00
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What your New York neighbors say

“Excellent service! My suit and dress shirt were ready the following day! I recommend using this dry cleaning service.”
Kyle H, New York, NY